Embedded Google PubSub Emulator for Testing

Recently I’ve been working with Google Cloud Platform PubSub for various Java applications and Apache Beam pipelines. PubSub offers effortless and cloud-native┬ámessaging topic for your software application or BigData processing requirements.

One of the problems I faced was to run PubSub emulator locally part of my Integration test suite. After hunting for ways to run PubSub emulator locally part integration test I’m happy to present my following code snippet whoever out there who looking for the same solution.



EmbededPubSub embededPubSub = new EmbededPubSub();
embededPubSub.subscriber(message -> System.out.println(" @@ Received : " + message), 10000);
embededPubSub.publish("Hello Pub/Sub!");

I’ve been utilising testcontainers to spin up a container which runs gcloud cli components and then exposes few ports for host computer to communicate through.

Next thing is if you ever needs to pull/browse messages/subscriptions or other information from Local Pub/Sub emulator for debugging purposes unfortunately we’re unable to use `gcloud` cli tools for this at the time of writing this blog post. workarounds are either write a client code or use Pub/Sub Rest API.

Pub/Sub Rest API


I hope this article will be useful for somebody who couldn’t find their head around with Pub/Sub Integration test.

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